“We all want to feel secure, supported, and special - confident in the selves that we’ve created, supported by those around us, and celebrated for who we are. From the time that we are little and become conscious of the “other”, so much of our life is spent trying to figure out how we fit in. But the journey truly begins when we understand that it isn’t fitting in that opens doors, it is understanding how we stand out. “

I'm Val!

a so-Cal native, cat lady, and wine lover

I grew up in sunny Pasadena, California and have been living in Boston, Massachusetts for the last 13 years. I attended Westridge School for Girls then Simmons College where I received my Bachelors Degree. I spent a summer in Oxford, England studying Psychology & Journalism, and started a Peer Mentoring group at my high school. I was a debutante in the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Cotillion where I was elected Chair of my group, and received the highest number of awards. My educational background is in Psychology, Sociology, and Gender & Cultural Studies, and my professional background is in development, event planning + management, and fundraising.

a writer, feminist + social butterfly

I am a lover of words - both written and spoken - and have been writing for as long as I can remember. I blog, write poetry, and am an avid reader. I wrote for the Simmons Voice, was the Social Chair for the Black Student Organization, and Secretary for both the Feminist Union and Student Government Association. I have been a strong supporter of women before I even knew what it meant to be a feminist. I believe in mission-driven work and support nonprofit organizations that primarily focus on social justice, women's rights, or youth advocacy.

a thinker, introvert, and empath

In spite of being a social butterfly, I am actually quite shy and introverted. I'm an INFJ (I- 3%, N - 12%, F - 25%, and J - 1%) and 75% right brained. I love connecting with others, especially on an intimate and personal level, but also value my downtime. I am deeply moved by the energy of others, and do my best to protect my light. I work hard to be someone who is trustworthy and reliable. And I created this business as a platform for others, a safe space + network of support for women, an opportunity to educate youth + share resources, and a way to empower + uplift. 


  • At Canavan Associates, I organized bi-annual conferences held in Boston & New Orleans which centered around the implementations of data systems used by homeless shelters to assist in the comprehension and measurement of homeless populations.
  • At ADL New England I managed the Young Leadership Celebration for three years in a row, grossing the highest revenue to date in my last year.
  • At Brigham and Women's Hospital, I helped prepare runners for the Boston Marathon, as well as organized networking events and luncheons between Development staff and donors.
  • At Family Equality Council, I provided event coordination during the organization and planning of the Los Angeles Awards Dinner, which included interfacing with celebrities & other high-profile PR agencies in LA.
  • At the Guidance Center, I managed the organization + planning, budget + revenue for the annual Celebrating Families Gala held in Cambridge, MA. This event included an auction + raffle as well as an after-party.
  • At the Youth Advocacy Foundation, I helped organize the annual Spring Celebration Gala held at the Boston Children's Museum, which was a wildly successful event.
  • In my role with Earthen Vessels, I supported the solicitation and procurement process, ensuring the organization's efforts in meeting fundraising goals. This event turned out to be the most successful gala to date.
  • For Mobile Monday Boston, I organized a networking event for clients Matt Gross + Kevin Wiant, co-hosted with StreetFight. Guest speakers included Randy Parker - CEO of PagePart and Founder of Constant Contact, and David Hirschman - CoFounder and COO of StreetFight.
  • At Hill House Boston, I assisted in the planning and organizing of the Backyard Dash and Esplanade 5K Dash, which was an all-day community event geared toward families.
  • For Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism (BINJ), I worked with Chris Faraone to organize their first annual holiday fundraiser, which included an auction + raffle, as well as live entertainment.