Event Planning with a Purpose

For as long as I can remember I have been motivated by my desire to help people - whether its being a shoulder to cry on, helping someone find a job, or working with entrepreneurs as they launch a new business. Discovering ways to help others has truly been my passion and my purpose. After working in nonprofits for several years fundraising and organizing events, I decided to venture out on my own and create a business that upholds five core values as the foundation of the work - professional, philanthropic, proactive, passionate, and personal.

Authentic + Intentional Living

In addition to upholding core values, being authentic and intentional is what enables me to be successful in my work. Living intentionally is a choice and I believe that the more control we take in designing a life we love, the happier + more fulfilled we are. By challenging others to explore their passion + purpose, we help them get one step closer to living a life they love. We do this by hosting workshops + networking events, creating safe-spaces + networks of support, providing educational opportunities + leadership training - particularly in communities with limited access to resources, and working one-on-one with women who are committed to creating a life they love.

Loyal + Intimate Relationships

L.I.R. isn't just about events, it's about building loyal + intimate relationships based on authentic + intentional living. Whether it's helping an organization reach a fundraising goal, providing a learning opportunity to local youth, or working with a woman to unleash her passion + purpose, the work that I do is intimate. And to be honest, it's the part that I love most. My approach requires an understanding of the passion, values, vision and purpose of my client. I don't just scratch the surface, I dig deep. I care about your bad day just as much as I want to help you reach your goal. I'm not here just to help you get to your next level, I'm your #1 fan. Regardless of the task at hand, I am in your corner. I am equal parts professional and personal, and all heart. With my attention to detail, uncanny networking ability, and 10-year experience working with the best businesses in Boston, I offer a truly authentic and memorable experience no matter your need.

Valerie was always able to take an idea, and have it become a creative reality.
— Lisa Schreider, Lisa's Hands of Time Concierge