the parties: 

Our exclusive parties are the place to be for networking and fun. The purpose of the parties is to meet other creatives, entrepreneurs and event professionals without all of the pressure that comes from a traditional networking event.

It's an opportunity to rub elbows with the industry's hottest leaders, make some new friends, and discover ways to collaborate with community members. All parties are invite only and operate on a lottery system. 

So what does that mean?

  • Each party we choose 25 people who will receive a numbered club card + a numbered guest pass
  • Those 25 people are required to bring 1 person who they think will be a valuable asset to the networking community
  • When guests arrive to the venue, they will drop their numbered club card + corresponding numbered guest card into the bucket as their entry into the event
  • The next event we choose 25 people - which may or may not be the same list of invitees from the previous party - and the process starts all over again!

It's that simple! Whether you're new to the scene or someone who's been around, our parties are a great way to keep your network fresh. 

Want to get on the list?