You can make a difference. 

I created this business based on five values that I wanted to uphold - being able to provide a service that is professional, philanthropic, proactive, passionate, and personal. These core values are not only personal to me, they're at the root of every relationship that I form through my business. At L.I.R., we are more than just a service, we are a family fueled by collaboration. Whether I am organizing an auction + raffle for a nonprofit, creating a student expo at a local university, or providing a workshop to youth, I love being able to match a client with another business that I respect and think highly of. For me, everything I do comes down to figuring out ways to empower + uplift others. I built this business because I was inspired to showcase the talents of those around me, and do so in a way that not only supported what I love, but catered to their growth as artists + changemakers. In my role I get the opportunity to connect to others, bring people together from varying backgrounds for a good cause, and support the needs of all parties involved. By supporting us, you not only get to increase the visibility (and ultimately profitability) of your business - particularly in communities where your reach might be limited - you also support the work of many others. If you are interested in supporting our efforts, please reach out.

When you partner with L.I.R., your investment comes full circle


financial support

Your generosity allows us to continue to run services that support members of our community. We run workshops, projects and events that, without your financial support, would be impossible.

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in-kind support

Through our events there are many opportunities to showcase your business or brand. We are always looking for additional items, services, or experiences for an event sponsored by L.I.R.

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