Lauren Gibbs

Regional Sales Director for Trumaker &
Member of the US Women's National Bobsled Team

Lauren is always thinking about strength & fit. As Regional Sales Director for Trumaker - a men's apparel startup that designs built-to-fit dress and casual button down shirts and blazers, along with ready-to-wear items - and Member of the US Women's National Bobsled Team, Lauren knows first hand what it means to be a woman in a male-dominated industry.


LIR: So Lauren, how did you get involved with Trumaker?

LG: I had been working with a large corporation prior to Trumaker and was doing well for myself, but felt that in such a large company, my ability to make an impact was limited. I became very attracted to the idea of working for a smaller company where I could directly impact the success of the company.

LIR: Nice. And bobsledding! How did that happen, and how long have you been doing it?

LG: Well, last season was my first season. It still feels sort of surreal how it all happened. It was last July and I was living in Denver at the time. I was at my local CrossFit gym, Front Range Crossfit, working out as I do most days, when my friend Jill Potter (member of the US National Women's Rugby Team) said to me, "Hey. How much are you squatting these days? Ever thought about joining the bobsled team?" I laughed it off because I was unaware that bobsled was even something that people competed in, I had no knowledge of the sport, and I was just finishing my Executive MBA at Pepperdine University. The thought of getting back into competitive sports was not on my radar of next steps. But curiosity and my friends got the best of me, so I signed up with very little preparation.

LIR: Wow! How did that turn out?

LG: Very well actually. I scored high enough to be invited to a week-long camp at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY. I figured I would go to the camp and be terrible at it, which I was at first! But I ended up doing well and getting invited back to National Push Championships.

LIR: That's amazing. And inspiring! What types of things inspire you?

LG: People who work hard for what they want.. kindness, humility, love... those things inspire me!

LIR: What challenges do you face by being a woman in your field?

LG: Bobsled was not an Olympic sport for women until 2002. It has always been heavily dominated by men. There aren't a ton of women who want to hang out in the cold all day, dragging a 400lb sled for hours as they hurl themselves down a mile long track at 85-90mph, haha, so... participation numbers for women aren't great.

LIR: It sounds like you are very busy, especially with training. How do you maintain a work/life balance?

LG: I can be a workaholic, not because I have to, but because I really enjoy what I do. I make it a point to say "yes" to more invites than I say "no" to, and I plan outings ahead of time and put them in my calendar. My rule is, if it's in my calendar, I have to do it!

LIR: That's a good rule. You seem like you enjoy taking risks. Have you always been like that? How have you faced your fears in order to create your success?

LG: I have always been a worrier. Growing up I went to a high-powered all-girls school where success, both inside and outside the classroom, was an expectation. I loved it because it taught me to believe that I was meant for something great, but it was tough at times trying to figure out what that 'great thing' was. That being said, I have always been cautious of taking risks and felt like if I played it safe, I could control how my life was going to turn out. But playing it safe didn't work. I was getting the jobs that I wanted, but I still wasn't happy. Eventually I grew tired of how I was feeling and decided to start taking some risks!

LIR: Who are your mentors?

LG: My family! They are incredible. They have always allowed me to be me, have supported me in EVERYTHING that I've done, and are so incredibly talented and accomplished that it blows me away.

LIR: What tricks do you use to stay organized?

LG: I put everything in my calendar and set reminders on my phone, from calls for work, to trainings, and even meals. I am not a naturally organized person so it's important that I stick to a routine. Also, now that much of my life is spent on the road, I have worked to minimize the amount of stuff that I have.

LIR: In what ways do you utilize social media?

LG: Social media has been important for me. Bobsledding is not a well-known sport, and it is also an expensive sport. Social media has helped me to raise funds for trainings, give some attention to the sport, and share my Olympic journey with family & friends. I post regularly to Instagram Facebook, and Twitter. Hashtags and having my friends share my story has helped get the word out and drum up some more support.

LIR: What message would you want to pass on to the next generation?

LG: Love yourself. Do what is right for you, even if it's not popular. Life can be incredible if you let it!

follow her on Twitter at @labgibbs84

watch her at the Preliminary Push Competition and at the National Push Championships!