The Crew.

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Val is our Owner + Producer. She’s originally from Pasadena, California and now lives in Quincy, MA with her cat Papi. Val has spent 15 years working in Development and Events in Boston, and 5 years running L.I.R. Productions. She serves on the Board of YNPN Boston, volunteers with Interfaith Social Services, is a member of the Junior League of Boston and The Philanthropy Connection where her philanthropic interests include women and at-risk communities. She’s a foodie, thrifting fanatic, and creative. When she’s not working on events, you can find her decorating or eating at her favorite restaurant, Fuji at WOC.

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right-hand gal

Casey Dooley

Casey is Val’s right-hand gal. She is a Quincy, MA native where she currently still resides. Her background is in hair and she works full-time as a curly hair specialist in Boston and on the South Shore. She has also worked on Boston Pride for several years and currently serves as the Chair of Boston Black Pride. When she’s not doing hair, you can find her checking out a new restaurant.

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Kelly Ransom

Kelly works on our Events. She was born and raised in Jamaica Plain, MA and currently resides in Roslindale, MA with her husband. Her professional background includes about 15 years of event production, hospitality, marketing, and fundraising. She is passionate about giving back to communities that foster art and creativity, which she does through her consulting business, Ransom Productions.



KT Brogan

Katie is our Events Photographer, originally from Greensboro, North Carolina. She received a degree in Commercial Photography before moving to Boston to pursue her passion. She has a special love for film, and an affinity for vintage styles and modern design. When she’s not shooting pics, she enjoys dabbling in her hobbies - graphic design, cooking, and crafting.


Jenn Marquez

Jenn is our Brand Photographer. She’s originally from Guatemala and moved to the United States when she was 8. In 2016 she embarked on a journey that led her to El Paso, Texas where she landed a job with the best publication in town. She now lives in Boston and is passionate about connecting with people and sharing their stories through photography.



Mattie Hamer

Mattie is our Videographer and Production Assistant. She lives in Boston and works as a freelance director of photography. Her work includes documentaries, narrative shorts, music videos, live sessions, comedic series, and promotional commercials. She’s most passionate about accurately and beautifully portraying the voices of storytellers, performers, artists, and ordinary people doing what they love.



Monica Leitner-Laserna

Monica works on our Events as our Caterer. She’s originally from Cambridge, where she currently resides. Her food is inspired by her Jewish Columbian heritage and is rooted in the belief that food is medicine. She’s passionate about preparing plant-based nutrient dense food, which she does through her business, La Sanghita Cafe. When she’s not cooking, you can find her in her other element - a yoga studio.


marketing lead

Rogera Toussaint - Michel

Rogera is our Marketing Lead, and a Cambridge native, born and raised. She’s the President and Founder of Urban NYCHE Marketing, a marketing firm that serves the Northeast. She’s passionate about serving and educating small business owners. When she’s not working or traveling, you can find her at home with friends, family, and her pitbull, Shiva.


Event manager

Fay Farhane

Fay works on our Events. She’s a student at Boston University studying Film & TV. She’s spent the past four years working in the hospitality and events industry as a bar manager for Boston Calling, and as a marketer and developer for local brands and companies. Fay helps us manage our event staff, and she’s most passionate about creating moments that unify people from all walks of life.