30 The Pilot Boston Screening

  Photo courtesy of  "30" the Pilot photos .

Photo courtesy of "30" the Pilot photos.

"There's something about turning 30 that
lights a fire under your ass and forces you to go either left, or right". 

Can I get an amen!! ðŸ™Œ

I don't know about you, but life in my 30's has been an absolute rollercoaster, which is why I was so excited to learn about this new #queer Houston based TV pilot following three friends who’s lives change course after turning 30. 

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"30" tells a comedic story of love, friendship, and spiritual growth that everyone can relate to. Throughout the pilot, events take place that forces each character to look at the realities of the choices they have made up until that point.

The show is based on the book, "She's Just Not That Into You" written by fab femme Aryka Randall. Aryka is a 31 year old writer and marketing specialist from San Diego California who currently resides in Houston Texas, who has maintained a presence within the LGBTQ community for over ten years.

The show, sponsored by The Fab Femme Mag, has been hosting screenings with the cast and I'm SO excited to announce that L.I.R. Productions will be hosting the "30" The Pilot Boston Screening + After Party this October 2018!! Make sure you sign up below so you don't miss the details on when it's going down.