Event Recap: The Art of the Chalice


I worked the setup of the Stella Artois "Art of the Chalice" event on Dewey Square Park at The Greenway, which also meant that I got to attend this beautifully curated event. From start to finish the event was impressive - tasteful, decadent. full of glitz, glam, and glass.

A night of art, culture, and cuisine, the evening was inspired by the iconic chalice, with the city of Boston as its backdrop. Set on the park with a mural on one side, the skyline on the other, and the stars above us, it was one for the books.


The thing that I loved most about the event was being a part of the behind-the-scenes. It was produced by the talented women of We Are Alexander, an experiential marketing agency that represents the Stella Artois brand. They were not only a ton of fun to be around, they were absolutely incredible at what they do.

It reminded me why I love being in this industry. The fruits of our labor is just a small piece of what we spend months and years creating. And it truly takes a special kind of person to want to do this work day in, day out. It felt so empowering to see these women put in work, direct people on their vision, then reap the rewards of a spectacular outcome. 

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