The Not-So-Secret Quincy Must-Have

From the moment you walk in, you are ushered in with a relaxing yet inviting vibe. Nothing about this place is pretentious - the staff are down-to-earth authentic folks genuinely committed to providing you with a good experience (my kind of people!).

The team is led by founder, Devin Adams, who began his career in hospitality at Todd English's Kingfish Hall, where he went from barback to bartender to sommelier to management. He later ran the beverage program at Lucca Restaurant in the North End, eventually joining the opening team at Island Creek Oyster Bar. From there he worked at Barbara Lynch's bar Drink where he honed his skills both behind the bar and as a restaurateur. He's a South Shore native who firmly believes in taking five minutes each day to change someone else's.

Bar Manager Palmer Matthews is a Quincy native born into a hospitality-focused family. In keeping with family tradition, he joined the team at Drink as a barback who climbed the ranks to assistant manager. There he polished his craft in mixology and in creating a genuine convivial atmosphere among strangers.

The star of the show... Collin Davis, is the Chef de Cuisine or executive chef at Townshend, and if you have yet to taste his food, you are seriously missing out. My love for Collin started after listening to him talk about how he prepares one of his dishes. There's something so sexy about a person who is totally in their element and loving every bit of it. From how meat is cured to how he infuses different taste and flavors into simple ingredients, Collin has a real love for food.

Chef Collin found his way into the restaurant business while working on a degree in Renaissance Poetry at Kenyon College. He started out as a barista then one day moved to the back out of the house in a farm-to-table restaurant. He did stints at local restaurants Toro, Think Tank, the Franklin Cafe and Franklin Southie often bringing some of his personal recipes from home into his work. Collin says, "one of the favorite parts of my job is that I get to make 100 people happy a day, and if I'm lucky, I get to make them so happy that they remember the meal for a long time."

As someone who loves the stories behind the brands, I love that this restaurant and the people behind it are genuinely authentic, good natured people committed to having a good time by providing a good time. It's the kind of place you feel good being in and supporting, so make sure you head over to The Townshend  at 1250 Hancock Street in Quincy, just off the Quincy Center T stop.

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