The June Bug Summer Solstice Event!

We had so much fun working with Farrington Nature Linc on their summer solstice event, June Bug!

This Lincoln, MA based nonprofit provides urban youth access to 75-acres of nature. Their mission is to enhance the well-being of children from low-income communities through a connection with the natural world.

They host field trips on their property, run an after-school program for 8 week cycles, host bonfires and overnight camps in tents under the stars, and they even started a Teen Leadership program where teens are hired to run their summer field trips which then empowers them to step into leadership roles in their own communities.

There were roughly 150 people in attendance for this adults only community fundraiser. Food was provided by 3rd Alarm Wood Fired Pizza and La Sanghita, craft beer provided by our friends at Democracy Brewing, and music provided by Massachusetts Americana band, The Hip Swayers. The highlight of the night were the pictures taken with baby goats by The Danger Booth, a photo booth rental service in Boston.

Make sure you check our feed for all the shots! 📷

from Passion to Purpose : Kelly Ransom

In February we hosted from Passion to Purpose with powerhouse #smallbusiness owner Kelly Ransom of Ransom Productions at one of our favorite venues, the Milky Way in JP. This #event was an opportunity to chat about the complexities of being both small business owners as well as full-time #professionals. We received #food donations from our Community Partner, 7ATE9 Bakery and were able to treat everyone to mini cheesecakes! We enjoyed riveting conversation, networked with other small business owners, and got to support our fellow businesses. Head over to our Facebook page to hear the full audio from the evening!

Meeting Women Where They Need it Most

front steps.jpg

In January, Val started working with the Cambridge Women’s Center. The Women’s Center is the oldest community-based center for women in the United States. Since 1971, the Center has been developing innovative programs and services for women of all backgrounds. All of their programs and services are offered free of charge! Make sure you follow @CambridgeWomensCenter for all the latest news on programming and events!

What is Branding, Anyway?

I attended a panel at BU last week with some local powerhouses — Tom O’Keefe, Founder & CEO of Flutter & @BostonTweetKate Weiler, Co-Founder at DrinkMapleAman Advani, Co-Founder & President at Ministry of Supply; and Greg Gomer, Co-Founder at VENTUREAPP.

They shared stories of their experiences founding and growing their own businesses. I loved the authenticity of each story, soundly resonating with the eager faces in the audience. The panelists talked about how the ideas they stumbled upon when, married with their passions, led to the incredible brands they’ve mastered today.

Branding is such an interesting part of business. There are entire companies that exist simply to help you create, build, and market a brand. But what is a brand exactly? It is defined as a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. But in business, as many of us know, that definition is narrow in scope, and is thought to be more closely related to trademark than how we think of ‘brand’ today.

Today a brand can represent a product, a business, or even a person. Tom O’Keefe shared that when he started @BostonTweet he just happened to throw his face up there, and in doing so, he became the brand. In this example of branding, it is the unique “you” or your authentic self. And as we know, one of the best and most valuable things you can do as you create and grow your brand, is be authentic.

But when you represent a brand, how do you remain authentic while also being appropriate? Does it depend on your target audience? With the prevalence of social media, the propensity for people to embody the brand that they create, at what point do we separate the two? Or do we? Leave a comment or tweet your thoughts to me @lirladyinred!

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Sailing the High Seas with Her Boston

I attended the 1st Annual Her Boston Sangria Sunset Cruise hosted by Vanessa Farino!

The weather could not have been more perfect. The water was calm, the sun was hot, and a cool breeze kept us from roasting. There were a really good number of women in attendance, and it seemed like a lot of different demographics were represented.

There was a cash bar and a DJ who kept the crowd moving with throwback 90s jams. I had to drop it like its hot a few times! Most of the women came dressed to impress, knowing that every moment is an opportunity to leverage their 'gram game. 

One of my favorite eye-candies from the evening was Jess of ShopJRosa! She shared in a post, 

Loving my journey as an entrepreneur. Todays cruise with @herboston Was a hit!!! Thank you@vanessafarino For the invite!!! Support the women around you they too become your motivation. Words of advice, Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny 😘

Her post really matched the sentiment of the women there. Regardless of how much folks interacted, it was really great to have that opportunity to relax on a boat that afternoon, and made me realize how blessed I really am.

It's also a reminder to support the women around us who are out here doing the work, because, this work ain't easy. Associated costs aside, just being able to connect to women, and get them to come out and support your efforts, is huge. So big kudos to Vanessa for organizing a wonderful event full of vibrant, goal-oriented women.

I look forward to the 2nd annual event, and possibly collaborating with these women in the future. If you haven't make sure to check out their pages. They have a lot of really great things going on!