The June Bug Summer Solstice Event!

We are so excited to share that Val Bee has been hired at Farrington Nature Linc to produce their summer solstice event, June Bug!

This Lincoln, MA based nonprofit provides urban youth access to 75-acres of nature. Their mission is to enhance the well-being of children from low-income communities through a connection with the natural world. They host field trips on their property, run an after-school program for 8 week cycles, host bonfires and overnight camps in tents under the stars, and they even started a Teen Leadership program where teens are hired to run their summer field trips which then empowers them to step into leadership roles in their own communities.

We are so excited about this new partnership. It’s an amazing cause with such a huge impact! Proceeds from this event will go to helping provide more support for their programming and overall capacity to fulfill their mission. We hope to see you there!

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L.I.R. Partners with Urban Nyche!

This month we partnered with Urban Nyche, a boutique #marketing firm located in Cambridge. #smallbusiness owner Rogera has successfully been running her #business for a number of years, with clients from here to New York. Founder, Val Bee met up with Rogera at her #SmallBizBuffet event where other small business owners come to #network and connect on a particular topic. Urban Nyche manages the marketing for the Cambridge Women’s Center as well, so it only seemed natural to join forces and support each other’s professional endeavors as well!

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POWERHOUSE with Kelly Ransom

In February we hosted POWERHOUSE with #smallbusiness owner Kelly Ransom of Ransom Productions at one of our favorite venues, the Milky Way in JP. This #event was an opportunity to chat about the complexities of being both small business owners as well as full-time #professionals. We received #food donations from our Community Partner, 7ATE9 Bakery and were able to treat everyone to mini cheesecakes! We enjoyed riveting conversation, networked with other small business owners, and got to support our fellow businesses. Head over to our Facebook page to hear the full audio from the evening!

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Working with the Cambridge Women's Center!

In January, Val Bee began her journey as Director of Development at the Cambridge Women’s Center. The Women’s Center is the oldest community-based center for women in the United States. Since 1971, the Center has been developing innovative programs and services for women of all backgrounds. All of their programs and services are offered free of charge! Make sure you follow @CambridgeWomensCenter for all the latest news on programming and events!

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Authentic Branding

Branding is such an interesting part of business. There are entire companies that exist simply to help you create, build, and market a brand. But what is a brand exactly? It is defined as a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. But in business, as many of us know, that definition is narrow in scope, and is thought to be more closely related to trademark than how we think of ‘brand’ today.

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