L.I.R. Productions provides a platform for creative professionals who are committed to building communities of support and empowering others through their service. Our goals are simple - to build a network of creative professionals who support each other, to highlight the work of the brands, businesses, and professionals who build community and empower others, and to give back a portion of all proceeds to those organizations who also build community.

LIR 3 Goals (1).png

We believe that business is personal which is why we are focused on building a network of creative professionals that truly support each others' contributions and efforts. We partner with these brands, businesses, and professionals to produce experiences that highlight their work and encourage our members to do the same. We believe that through our services, we help strengthen the relationships between organizations, industry leaders, and community members. 

To strengthen our neighborhoods by building a bridge between organizations, industry leaders, + community members.

To donate a portion of our proceeds to local charities + programs that support women, youth and small businesses.