Meeting Women Where They Need It Most

cambridge women’s center

The Cambridge Women’s Center is the oldest women’s center in the country. It was founded almost 50 years ago to be a safe-haven for women of all walks of life. While it’s done a lot of great work within its walls, it struggled to secure funding and to connect with members in the Greater Boston community. During the six months that we worked together, we put an ongoing strategic plan in place for the marketing and development of the organization, we increased the Women’s Center visibility on social media and in the Cambridge community by participating in at least one or two events per week, we deepened their ties with their constituents, and we wrote and were awarded grants on their behalf. Our greatest accomplishment with the Women’s Center was producing several videos that highlighted who they are as a brand. As a result of our work, we secured one of Boston’s most competitive grants, which they had been unsuccessful in doing in previous years.