A Network for Event Professionals

We are a boutique events agency that provides a platform for
event professionals through events, branding, promotion, and collaboration.


A Built In Community

Event professionals are unique. We can connect you to "that guy who does the thing" and produce your 3,000 member festival without even breaking a sweat. We rub elbows with the best in the industry, and marvel in our ability to hit the club after a 14-hour workday. While many sit in awe of how glamorous our lives appear, they know little about the reality of the industry - the tole it takes on the body, how thankless event goers often are, or how difficult it can be to find management who cares. At L.I.R. we're different. We prioritize the event professional by engaging with our community, then connecting them to opportunities that are worth their time.

A Safe Space

We know how toxic the service industry can be, which is why we're committed to creating safe spaces where event professionals can truly connect. We encourage members of our network to attend each others events, and challenge them to engage in honest conversations about their struggles & experiences. We know how important it is to build a strong community. When you become a member of the L.I.R. Network, you find thought-partners for your next endeavor, a confidante when things get tough, or a sounding board when you need a different perspective. At L.I.R., we build a network that supports you, and grants you access to a plethora of opportunities.



We used L.I.R. for our first big fundraiser, a holiday bash that we had the audacity to throw only a year into our existence. With Val’s help, we not only secured a great deal at the perfect location, but we put on a party worthy of a major nonprofit and made a profit to boot.
— Chris Faraone, BINJ